Tips- Contacting Your Legislator Tip Sheet

We understand that the decision to contact a legislator could be a daunting task. We have simplified the process to support that discussion. Listed below are six steps to you can take to simplify the process. We encourage you to use the resources on this site to simplify the process.

Print the tip sheet at the end of this article to plan your conversation.

1. What do you want to achieve? (The goal is expand HCS funding in Texas to increase you/your loved one's access to housing and community support services or another reason that is personal to you/your loved one.)

2. Decide what you want to say.

(Use the template on our site to simply the process)

3. Make your conversation personal.

4. Focus on the content. Try not get emotional.

5. Identify your legislators. (Utilize the link on our site locate your legislators)

6. Make the Call.

Tip Sheet Contact Your Legislator
Download PDF • 59KB

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