How to Add Your Child to the Wait List

If I could give advice to a parent with a child with a disability it would be to make sure that they placed their child on the wait list for services as soon as they receive a disability diagnosis. My son, has been on the wait list for services for twenty-three years. It is frustrating but necessary. Listed below is a subset from Navigate Life Texas.

How to Add Your Child to Interest Lists (Source

You do not have to prove your child is eligible before adding them to the waiver interest lists. Your child will go through this process once they move to the top of the list. Only then is the eligibility information reviewed and used to decide if your child can enroll.

  • Call 1-877-438-5658 for information about putting your child on an interest list for long-term services. This is for the CLASS, DBMD, and MDCP waivers. See the section below for details about each of these waiver programs.

  • Call your Local Mental Health Authority about the Youth Empowerment Services (YES) waiver program. Go to the DSHS website to find the Local Mental Health Authority in your area.

  • Call your Local Intellectual and Developmental Disability Authority (LIDDA) to get your name on the interest list for the HCS and Texas Home Living Waiver programs. You can search for your LIDDA’s telephone number.

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